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Building the Ultimate Koi Ranch with Select Koi

We’ve been honored to provide high-quality, unique Japanese imported koi to koi enthusiasts across the country.

Now… we’re leveling up.

We’re currently neck-deep in the process of constructing our new, koi ranch and resort.

Yes, you heard that right! We are moving locations into a new facility constructed entirely by the Select Koi team and our partners.

This new location will be something the world has never seen before; a one-stop-shop, customer-centric retail location for koi enthusiasts, complete with state-of-the-art tanks and filtration technology, a massive mud pond, and a luxurious lounge area.

You’ll experience the beauty of all the beautiful breeds and varieties of koi we offer, nestled at the foot of the Smoky Mountains.

On our new property, you’ll find a koi ranch with 9 brand-new 6-foot deep concrete tanks, offering a comfortable view of the koi inside. You’ll also find a massive mud pond, where we expect to grow out larger koi where clients can harvest their koi every October.

Our lounge area, complete with a bar and kitchen, will be the perfect place to relax and discuss koi with our expert koi selectors.

But, how did we make it happen? Let’s talk about it.


Hunter stands in what is now our 600,000 gallon mud-one.

The mud pond before using the track hoe; it is now a 600,000 gallon pond!

We started with a dream and golden shovels.

Well… We actually started with securing the property, planning, and our designer designing the plans for the building, later being approved by the engineers and the city.

We secured all the folks we needed to get the job done; engineers, dirt workers, electricians, concrete designer, general contractors, metal fabricators, landscapers, plumbers… and operators for the giant track hoe we’d be using to dig out the koi pond.

The land the koi ranch is being built on is hilly; we had to sculpt it using excavators and tractors.

We took a huge hill and turned it into a flat piece of land where the main facility will sit. This left a huge swath of land between the building and the pond that we’ll use for some great amenities in the future (hint, hint, keep reading for some big news!).

Building a Strong Foundation for

The land was actually used for livestock grazing in the past; the soil is perfect for the botanical gardens and the koi river we plan to install!

No building is constructed without a few hang-ups! We originally believed the pond was fed by a natural spring. It’s not, so we’ll have to fill the pond using the property’s well.

The Koi Tanks

We’ve got 9 - 5,500 gallon tanks and a larger 11,500 gallon tank for our new koi ranch, for a whopping total of 60,000 gallons. What is a koi ranch without their ponds, after all?

We’ll have to see the tanks first, judging how many koi we can house in each pond based on crowding and water quality.

These concrete tanks are all fitted with bottom drains, overflow, and will be installed with the best equipment on the market; award-winning, highly-respected Evolution Aqua filtration systems.

Evolution Aqua systems were precision engineered by Evolution Aqua in the UK. They’re simply the best at keeping that water crystal clear, with innovative biological filters that filter waste generated in the ponds.

Specifically, we’re using K1 Micro Bead filtration systems with K+ media. These filters with the K+ media offer a level of filtration necessary to care for our Japan-imported koi for sale.

Click here to watch a video from Evolution Aqua that will teach you everything you need to know about K+ MicroBead Filters. We are also using a drip system which provides constant fresh water flow.

The goal with high-efficiency filtration systems and the sheer volume of the tanks is to allow more koi that grow bigger and live happier.

More high-efficiency, high-volume tanks mean MORE Nishikigoi and BIGGER Nishikigoi for you.

The Koi Ranch Lobby

Luxury. Comfort. Prestige. Elegance.

This is what we imagined for the interior of our koi ranch. We wanted people to feel comfortable and relaxed; this perfectly matches the feeling you get from the serenity of a koi pond.

For the interior design, we're pulling from contemporary and traditional Japanese interior design sources.

We are inspired by wabi sabi, a Japanese world view and design philosophy focused on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Incorporating nature into the design is crucial and will be a major benefit of visiting our koi ranch.

Our brand is this: only the best koi, of any variety you, or clients, can desire, only from Japan. In order to remain on this level of excellence, we knew we’d need our new location to be a monument to elegance and prestige. Only the best for you!

Select Koi is your personal koi-concierge, bringing luxury to the koi selecting experience.

Right outside the front door, you’ll find a tranquil zen garden in traditional Japanese style. Raked gravel surrounding upright stones represent the ripples of water.

We hope you’ll come visit our new location when we open at the end of the summer. It’s going to be an absolutely fantastic introduction to our new koi farm location!

The Koi Ranch

For us, this is like a giant playground with endless possibilities.

Our koi mud pond out back is huge; 600,000 gallons. We used the largest hydraulic excavator we could find, which is more akin to a dinosaur than a machine, to dig the pond down, pulling all that great silt we will use for our botanical gardens.

After a tour of our facilities, you can take a relaxed stroll through the grounds, admiring the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. Our botanical gardens and koi river will wind through the property, delivering the atmosphere of traditional Japanese gardens.

Think: regal, poise, and rich in the deeply-respected Japanese culture.

Walking through the gardens, you’ll encounter various monuments honoring Japanese gardens.

From japanese maples, winding paths with breathtaking views, stone pagodas, and a network of beautiful red bridges, you’ll feel the peace and tranquility which naturally accompanies traditional Japanese botanical gardens.

Our goal for the property is to provide the world with beautiful, high-quality Japanese koi, and to offer a retreat that promotes reflection and peace.

We want you all to feel completely at home amongst the variety of beautiful plants and flowers, listening to the babbling streams teeming with impressive Japanese koi. The streams will be brimming with Japanese koi for sale, as well, allowing a truly immersive buying experience.

Future Plans: PHASE 2

Naturally, this place will be the perfect place to host events, specifically weddings. A pagoda will stand amongst the plants and koi river, with the pond as the backdrop. If you’re looking for a unique wedding experience, this is the place for you.

Phase 2 of our project is for transforming the back half of the property into a resort complete with cabins. Each cabin will be unique, but they’ll all provide a deep level of relaxation and a well-deserved vacation from your everyday stressors.

We aim to forge a link between contemporary and traditional Japanese architecture and design.

Keep an eye out for future updates about the cabins and botanical gardens.


Charlotte Koi Club

Last week, we were visited by Charlotte Koi Club! They came to see our beautiful Japanese koi for sale, ask questions about our current and future tanks, and to pick Hunter’s brain on taking care of koi.

Click here to check out their Youtube page with loads of great tips and secrets for taking care of your koi!

We’ll send an update out when the video is released. Your Personal Koi Concierge

Make sure you're subscribed to our Youtube page for our soon-to-come Koi Ranching episode 3! Also, we're constantly posting on Instagram and Facebook construction updates and any new koi that we have in the shop.

We're so happy to offer this unique experience to our customers; this is an opportunity for you to get bigger, better, and more rare koi while immersing yourself in the experience of selecting your dream koi.

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