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Please Note: All Koi available upon payment and shipping are alive and healthy. If the koi is deceased upon arrival, please send a picture with the tail severed within 3 hours of receiving the shipment to If the picture is not received within the 3 hour time frame there will be no account credit.


Account credit will not include the shipping fee. Each Koi is placed with extreme caution into plastic fish bags with oxygen and fresh water. When ordering koi from Japan, we do not offer refunds if they die during quarantine or before shipping, we will give you account credit and you can make another purchase for other koi using the account credit.

Boarding: If you decide to board your koi with us after payment is received in full the risk transfers from to you the consumer.


We are NOT responsible for losses related to death or damage during boarding. This is done at your own risk. The charge for boarding is $50.00 per month payed in advance. Shipping fees will be assessed at the time the koi is ready for shipment and you have requested to receive it.

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