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Niigata, Japan 2019 (winter)

Arriving in Niigata, Japan this winter was different than in the fall where the crowd seems to put the pressure on the breeders. As the town in fall was beautiful and green, the winter brings snow and lots of it. They have the most interesting ways for dealing with the abundance of snow.  Apart from their snow shovels we find water constantly running from below ground to the surface or streets, sidewalks and greenhouses. All of this provides for a rather wet experience.

It is nice to know that the breeders all had time to share their time with us, teach us a few things and even check out some of the new koi varieties that some are working on.

Taking time to have some coffee with a breeder on top of the mountains, we learned about the latest creation of a gin rin variety. I cannot wait to see what they turn out like, although I did get to see the tiny tosai that should be ready by fall for unveiling.

I found that the winter is the most peaceful time to go koi hunting, despite the freezing temperatures. Wearing rubber boots to tread through the deep snow and puddles of runoff meant that my feet felt as if they were soaking in the arctic sea.

We were able to bring in almost 100 new koi!  We are very excited to bring JUMBO KOI to America. Stay tuned for more from our latest trip!

Interested in visiting Japan yourself?

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