November Koi Hunting Trip

We would like to start by saying Thank You!!! to all our customers who have chosen us to hunt for their next living jewel this fall. As we prepare for the trip I cannot help but think of all of the wonderful koi we will see. You may be aware of the long trek that it takes to arrive in Niigata, Japan every few months. It is very enjoyable to see friends along the way and to experience the day to day lives of the koi breeders. This year Japan had some nasty weather that pushed back harvesting on many of the mud ponds so, we are excited to see what will be coming in. We were able to get some excellent recording equipment (drone, 4k camcorder, Camera, and GoPro) so I hope that the footage is going to be of a higher quality. When it comes to photographing koi it takes many shots to get the ones that really highlight the quality and details. We are hoping that all the breeders will have measuring tanks available for us to use this time (fingers crossed). I have very much enjoyed being able to speak with all of you and provide you with your own personal experience, it is a blessing and a privilege. I have had word that Hosokai Koi Farm has some very nice fish this season, and I am concerned about previous years KHV loss that we had, on the bright side he has since eradicated the disease from his inventory, so maybe we can finally start getting some of his koi back. If you are wondering how we will ensure against the KHV, we always separate the koi by breeder in their own respective ponds while being tested for KHV and quarantined. But you have to think in his case he certainly under the microscope for prevention. None the less we will proceed with caution.

This visit we will return with what we hope to be quality footage and put a video together for YouTube. Wish you all the best and thank you for choosing

Hiroi Koi Farm

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