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Welcome Oliver Nguyen #japankoitrips

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

We would like to welcome Oliver Nguyen to Oliver who runs his instagram #japankoitrips will be providing content as well as his pick of the top ten koi of the month. Check out his first selection under the "shop" section in the menu at the top of the page.

Oliver Nguyen: Young Koi Connoisseur

North American koi hobbyist always in pursuit of finding tategoi! Since my first appearance in Japan in 2014, I have become one of the most renowned hobbyist in the world. Since my first AJKS appearance, I was able to capture 2 awards with my koi. Since then, my koi collection has been growing to new extent only choosing the best koi.

I started to breed and select Showa and Shiro Utsuri from my breeding. I have won some awards with my Showa and Shiro Utsuri at the ZNA Koi Show in Ojiya, Niigata, Japan. Since then, everyone around the world has started to give me advice on how to start becoming better and better.

Gonjiro, one of the breeders from Tokyo sold me a koi just recently that was able to achieve the best koi in 50cm Division at the Shinkokai koi show in Chiba Prefecture. This koi was able to grow from a jumbo tosai to a 50cm Nisai and I hope to enter her into the Young koi show.

This koi was a lucky present from Gonjiro-san to me as he said if this koi was at Isa, it would be almost 10x the price! But now I am starting to collect smaller koi that I believe will grow to be champions.

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