Koi Food (Better Food)

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

I recently met with Mr. Chen from Nigikawa.  After a long talk (about 2 hours) I have been led to believe with confidence that the Nigikawa brand food is a successful product.  We all like to hear word of mouth recommendations because that usually means that someone has used the service or product and had good results.  While I was educated the by Mr. Chen on the importance of nutrition from his koi food, I also was able to speak with several people about their experiences.  Mr. Chen informed me that he had a Koi he bought and tried his own food exclusively on the koi.  The fish when he bought it was already 28" and within 3 months had grown to 33" That is pretty impressive!  I wanted to try some for myself so I purchased the floating pellets.  I have always believed in high quality food so I had been using the "Sera Professional" koi food.  And I did see growth and color was great, but some of my domestic koi were not growing the way I would expect from Tosai.  My Japanese koi were growing but not at the rate I believed they would.  Still I could see a great skin quality and color.  I have started using the Nigikawa for 3 days now and I can see a difference in the energy of the koi.  They are very active and when I go out to feed they seem to be more excited than before.  That is a very short time to get a reaction like that I would think.  I will update you on the results over the next two months before they slow down and winter comes upon us.  As a side note people were suggesting that the water seemed to be clearer and that their was less waste in the filtration as a result of changing the food over to Nigikawa. Here is a video I found that I found:

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